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Customer Reviews

    Ricky P.

    Ian did a wonderful job repairing our iPad. He did a very thorough test on it to begin with while we watched and waited. It needed a new charging port. He installed a new one with no issues.

      Carlyn M.

      Thought my iPhone was done for. It keptgiving me CALL Failure and I couldn't use it for a weeks, I finally contacted Commtech. They fixed it the time they gave me and it was not a simple job. and it was reasonable priced. I Will recommend this company to all my friends.

        Marie E.

        I needed a new battery for an iPhone before leaving on a trip, it was done expertly in the 2 hours time frame I was given. i would recommend this shop.

          Kim Wyman

          My problems were solved and with real consideration! This is a very useful place and beats waiting in a queue for a “genius” at an Apple Store! Highly recommend letting Ian fix whatever of yours that may be broken.

            Amir K.

            Best repair shop experience I’ve had. The owner is very friendly and careful when working with the phones. He’s honest when it comes to repairs and has excellent prices. I will bring the rest of my phones here. My iPhone 7plus had extensive damage, and he was able to salvage it.


              Excellent professional service from start to finish. I have fixed my iPhone very quickly. Let you know what’s happening every step and tell you of any extra costs before proceeding with Really Quick, Fast, efficient and professional service.

                Bill M.

                Ian replaced the battery in my cell phone. It became apparent that the new battery was draining very quickly even with minimal use. I contacted him. Many of us have experienced the dread of contacting a tech guy after a repair has gone wrong. Often a request to redo a repair is met with lots of questions and suggestions that the repair is fine and that you, the user, is the problem. This was NOT true when dealing with Ian. I told him that the new battery was draining too quickly. He immediately said he would order a replacement and redid the work. I cannot more highly recommend Ian and CommTech.

                  Richard E.

                  So far so good. Although Ian has my iPad still. I am pleased with his professionalism and communication.Reading the other reviews I'm confident that he will be able to find and fix the problem. Thank you for leaving them.I'm going to see him I. The morning to ask a few more questions to make sure we are on the same page. What he has told me seems fair. While it's taken longer than expected Ian called each step along the way. No surprises, what a joy. Thank you my new friend.

                    Kida B.

                    So Ian is one of those rare individuals that honestly just wants to help. I called about repairing my phone screen and Kindle Fire. He was headed to an appointment but asked for the information on the devices so he could look up parts before giving a quote. When he called, he walked me through the costs and how much labor each of the projects would take. When I decided that it did not make sense to repair, he looked up prices for Kindle Fires to find me a great price to buy instead of repair. He also educated me on which devices cost less to repair (Apple). What a genuinely good guy!

                      Kay J.

                      Ian at CommTech is great. He is very professional , honest and kind. Recently I brought my daughter's iPad to his store. The charging port is broken due to excessive use for the Zoom classes since Covid. Ian helped to order the parts. He had me come back with the iPad on Friday afternoon when my daughter was done with her classes. He called me right on Saturday with a fully functional iPad. My daughter does not have to miss her online classes for one day because Ian helped us to repair the iPad quickly over the weekend. High recommend this place!

                        Kfir H.

                        I cant say anything better about my experience with Comtech and the owner Yan. He was more than pleasant to work with, knowledgeable, well priced, and I was more than happy to support a local business. I dropped off a device for screen repair which was done very quickly, and a second device which was a more complicated / non common device which needed repairing and Yan was up to it and handled it in the most professional manner, keeping me informed through the process. Its great to have a local business provide this service which is lacking in the area. 5 Stars!!

                          Kevin M.

                          My daughter loves to play with my cell phone and so she at some point banged it on the floor. I started observing this weird light/ penumbra/ flashing in the middle of my photos while taking pictures. I then looked really closely and observed that the tip lens of my iPhone XS had a tiny crack/ fracture. Aesthetically I could barely see it on tech outside, but it was ruining my photos. I contacted Ian, and he picked up the phone and told me to come in. About 2-3 hours later, my phone was ready for pickup and it's working beautifully again. He's very organized and prompt. And fair. Thank you Ian!

                            Salik M.

                            Ian is wonderful. Replaced my iPhone X screen and it functions perfectly. I'm very happy with Ian's customer service. He was able to service my phone right away, and I picked it up 90 minutes later. Support local business, starting with Ian! Thanks.

                              Matza R.

                              During these days, many people depend on cell phone support I was fortunate to find Ian at CommTech. He patiently unraveled the problem and got me working again. The fact that he charged me such a reasonable amount, but really provided the help that I was unable to get from my provider was the most important issue. I didn't realize how dependent I am on it until a problem arose. Big thanks to Ian for saving me

                                Judith W.

                                I took my iPhone 7 Plus to be fixed this morning. I thought I had cracked the screen and wanted it replaced. Ian ( the owner) checked the phone and discovered that the screen was not cracked, but the protective glass cover was. He replaced the cover, I paid for it, and was on my way.

                                  Andrew F.

                                  Ian did a great job repairing my cracked screen on my iPhone. It only took about an hour and the price was very fair. I would definitely use him again.

                                    Pat G.

                                    He was great and reasonable. Fixed my screen in 1 hour. The other guy, Kyle, didn't have the time and sent me to someone in Woodland Hills. I want to help my home town

                                      Eric C.

                                      Ian was awesome! Friendly & Professional with great quality of work and a quick turnaround time.

                                        Ricky P.

                                        Ian did a wonderful job repairing our iPad. He did a very thorough test on it to begin with while we watched and waited. It needed a new charging port. He installed a new one with no issues and when I picked it up, he had me try everything to be sure it was all working properly. I would definitely recommend Ian and Comp Tech for any iPad repair.

                                          Sandra S.

                                          Ian has incredible customer service! He's professional, friendly, timely, and will do his best to fix what you need. My son cracked his phone and Ian took the phone apart to see what damage there was and how to fix it. I will go to him with any issues from now on and will happily refer anyone I know to him. Customer service like this is hard to find. We found it!

                                            Johanna K.

                                            This place is amazing!!! Went in to get my cracked iPhone screen fixed and could not be happier with the service and end result. Responsive, professional, honest and friendly owner who fixed the screen in no time with a very reasonable price! So happy to have found this place close by but worth travelling from further away as well, they are that good. Highly recommend!