About Us


Our History

Established in 2017.

Commtech began by fixing our own phones and then neighbors and then friends. Eventually we took some training and then more training and more experience and in 2019 we opened our first brick and mortar. Today we are fixing most brand phones and everything from  crack in the screen to water damage.

Our Serviecs

Commtech offers comprehensive list of services, so you can come to one place no matter what happened to your device. We can work on minor repairs as broken screens, battery change or broken headphone jack cable; More challenging repairs like not charging, no back light, no power; Even major problems such as water damage, data recovery etc… We also have in stock selected models of brand new and refurbished phones. We warranty our products.
For most models we keep necessary stock to fix the problem right away, so customer does not have to wait while parts being ordered.
We even work on the devices, which were damaged by others. Even if it seems impossible to fix, give us a shot, you may be surprised. We do repair logic boards even if they seem beyond repair.

Ian Spivak


Ian worked as a programmer for 38 years in various industries and businesses. He worked on business, science and military projects involving building websites, databases, business and military applications. He has BS in computer science and minor in electronics. Eventually long life dream became a reality, when he quit his job and decided to open cell phone repair to finally realize his dream of fixing things.